Stylish yet functional, the Moose Voyage Achiever N6 Kevlar® Softshell Hiking Pants are designed with outdoor professionals in mind, for lasting protection and maximized-performance on even the most tough or complex adventure. Lightweight, comfortable, and durable, we can’t be beat, so go ahead and push your limits, if you can handle it, our pants definitely can.

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We at Moose Voyage are so pleased to finally present our brand-new Women and Youth Moose Voyage Outdoor Native Hiking Tights, specifically designed and produced with women and young adventurers at the forefront of the process. You can be sure our tights are made for superior breathability, and maximum range of movement. Combining two of the world’s most famous, sustainable fabrics in one knitting technology, the Women and Youth Moose Voyage Outdoor Native Hiking Tights are kind to your pocket, and to the environment.

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Designed by outdoor lovers, for outdoor lovers, whether it’s backpacking, hiking, climbing, cycling, or camping, the Moose Voyage Quick-Dry Pants are your best bet for trouser that can keep up with you. With ultimate freedom of movement, thanks to our authentic knitting technology, the high quality, high functioning, long lasting pants will become your second skin.

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Specialized nylon with tough, high-stitch density to protect against abrasion, and provide an exquisite silky touch.


Innovative and tested knitting technology allows moisture away from the skin, to efficiently regulate temperature, and keep you feeling good. 


Diamond shaped pattern design is utilized to constantly reduce stickiness, and ensure you have maximum breathability.


Special Four-Way stretch means clothing is suitable for any and all outdoor activity. The lightweight fit is primed for optimal performance.


Air-Vent Woven technology uses the nylon fabric to create superior flexibility, without every compensating on durability. Designed to with stand high intensity, complex activities while always providing excellent comfort.


Micro-fibre nylon and lycra elastane are specially knitted to construct fabric that feels weightless, while doing so much more. Superlative stretch is provided by the use of double-knit stitching techniques.

Sound too good to be true? Take a look at what our customers have to say

The shirt you sold me is great!  I rode motorcycle trails on Sunday and the shirt wicked sweat away and at the same time it kept me warm. I was never uncomfortable in an air temperature of 46 Farenheit. Although when I did finish for the day,  as I cooled down the sweat that collected on the back of shirt began to give me chills. I would recommend this jersey for my activity.

John P.

Bought this for a camping trip.
Ware it during hiking as base layer, preformed well, breathable fabric, and didn't make me sweaty the whole time.
Was so comfortable I wear it during sleep as well and kept me warm
totally Good quality base layer
The shirt has good insulation, and it feels very soft

This shirt fits fantastic, true to size. It is very flattering - it's not baggy or loose. It performs extremely well no matter what you use it for, hiking, camping, skiing, biking or just being outdoors or around the house to keep you warm and cozy. Couldn't recommend enough!

Bought a shirt and pants. The shirt is extremely comfortable and lightweight. The pants are fantastic, they are stretchy and lightweight. The material seems durable and they are as comfortable as sweatpants. Highly recommend the product and will be back for more.