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Kids' Lycra Native Outdoor Hiking Tights - Burgundy

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Kids' Lycra Native Outdoor Hiking Tights - Burgundy

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You no longer have to choose between aesthetics and practical benefits, with our stylish yet extremely functional Women and Youth Moose Voyage Outdoor Native Hiking Tights. 

Designed specifically with active women and youth in mind, our performance-enhancing hiking tights ensure your ultimate protection, and with our seamless technology, you’ll never have to worry about unwanted friction or skin irritation from messy stitches.

Both durable and flexible, the hiking tights are fashioned from state-of-the-art, lightweight, N66-Nylon and lycra blended fabrics. By using our innovative knitting technology, your hiking tights will move with you, to ensure superior breathability, maximum moisture management, and a range of comfort support features.

The qualities of built-in, 4-way stretch, are specifically designed to maximize freedom of movement, and longevity, so your hiking tights can last as long as you. Designed and manufactured with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, you can count on your hiking tights for multiple different activities.



The blended materials, of Nylon N66 and lycra fibers, are meticulously chosen and manufactured to allow you:

Perfect Fit

Shape Retention

Ultimate Comfort


Lightweight Support

Temperature Control

No pesky seams


  • Flexibility: 4-way stretch to guarantee you a full range of motion, and never restrict your potential.
  • Ergonomic cuttings: Created with practicality, as well as aesthetics in mind, the fit of our Women and Youth Moose Voyage Outdoor Native Hiking Tights will maximize movement and minimize discomfort.
  • Breathability: Air-vent weaving tech means all our garments are subject to breathability like you have never experienced before.
  • Pocket Design: Fashioned with two cellphone size pockets on each side, as well as an inner pocket sewn into the waistband for small cards. Keep your peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe and get the most out of your adventure. 
  • Double Knitted: We know how easy it is to get self-conscious in shoddy hiking gear, so we use double knitted materials to bring sheerness to an absolute minimum, especially during intense exercise.


      Best Use



       58% NYLON   42% Lycra

      Side Cargo Pockets


      Tight Fit

      Regular fit



      Gender Youth 7y~16y



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