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Men’s Quick-Dry Softshell Hiking Pants- Sky Blue

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Men’s Quick-Dry Softshell Hiking Pants- Sky Blue

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Whether it’s hiking, backpacking, off-road cycling, or just everyday wear, the Moose Voyage lightweight Quick-Dry Soft-Shell Pants are designed and produced with one aim - achieving your optimal performance.

The high-quality, permeable material is created to be versatile enough to join you on whatever outdoor excursion you’ve chosen. The unique elastic properties of our specially selected N6 Nylon, allow unlimited freedom of movement, comfortable stretch, and UPF sun protection.

Moose Voyage always counts on booming knitting technology, to unfailingly deliver functionality and style, with multiple added benefits for outdoorsmen. Completely minimizing on-the-go noise, the trousers are designed to always provide softness, to protect your skin, and reduce uncomfortable moisture. We’re pretty sure the Men’s Moose Voyage Quick-Dry Softshell Hiking Pants will be joining you on any and every adventure from now on.


  • Flexibility: All Moose Voyage garments allow a full range of motion, and all-round comfort, using 4-way stretch N6.
  • Breathability: Specialised and perfected air-vent weaving technology means your softshell pants can be worn as long as you need them to be, with extraordinary breathability capabilities.
  • Ergonomic Cut: The fit of your Moose Voyage garment is tried and tested to ensure you get maximum movement and minimal discomfort at all times.
  • Pocket Design: A large pocket ensures that you can store your valuables conveniently and comfortably on the go, in a zip-up pocket, and easily access them quickly.
  • Built-in Metal Buckle: Adjust the waist width of your Men’s Moose Voyage Quick-Dry Softshell Hiking Pants anytime on the go, to ensure you reach your best, with the added metal buckle.
  • Cuff Drawcord: Easily customize the fit and style of your softshell pant leg to exactly the fit you require, for both overall look and performance.
  • Water Repellent Covering: Come rain or shine you will be good to go, as our water repellent coating protects your hiking pants from becoming saturated with unwanted added weight, leading to reduced performance.


The specially chosen N6 Nylon fibers are meticulously woven in high stitch density form, and are specially manufactured to allow you:

Perfect Fit

Shape Retention

Silky Touch

Ultimate Comfort

Durability and Longevity

Abrasion Resistance

Lightweight Support

Moisture Control


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       90% NYLON   10% SPANDEX

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