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Women’s COOLMAX® All Season Hyper-Performance Base Layer – Earth Green

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Women’s COOLMAX® All Season Hyper-Performance Base Layer – Earth Green

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 Functional and yet stylish, the Women’s Moose Voyage Adventurer Hyper-Performance Base Layer is formed from high-quality fabric with innovative knitting technology.  As a “second skin”, the fabric’s delicate, silky touch will make you feel cozy even in bad weather, and won’t cling to you on tough climbs.

 When you’re wearing a base layer, the last thing you need is irritation, after all this is one of the most vital pieces of your outdoor layering, cold, damp, and un-enjoyment can all come from a poorly made base layer. Being highly abrasion-resistant, the Moose Voyage fabric brings you ultimate comfort and durability.

State-of-the-art knitting techniques, keep moisture away from your body by drawing it out to where it can evaporate freely, providing impeccable temperature control and a quick dry. The versatile design is the perfect choice for any spontaneous adventures, whether you're backpacking, running, camping, surfing, or just catching up with friends.


We are crafting a unique piece on the market using high technology. Our materials include polyester which is used on one side and nylon on the other side to create the Women’s Moose Voyage Adventurer Hyper-Performance Base Layers. The merge of both durable & weather-resistant nylon and the ultimate heat-resistant polyester provide you with maximum, skin to skin comfort, in any and all conditions you head out into.


  • Knitting Technology: Our innovative nylon and polyester knitting techniques mean you will always have full range of movement, multi-directional stretch, and maximum comfort, with no irritation from seams.
  • Diamond Pattern: This is how we stop the Women’s Moose Voyage Adventurer Hyper-Performance Base Layer from clinging uncomfortably to your skin, as this production pattern creates vacuum space to keep you warm and dry.
  • COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology: Your base layer needs to keep you cool as well as warm, and our use of “C” shaped yarn traps air to decrease heat exchange, while complex channels of ultra-wicking fibers distribute moisture over a large surface area to create evaporative cooling.
  • Air-vent Design: Increases the efficiency of wicking capability, and breathability, and ensures our quick-dry technology will never fail you.
  • UV-protectionOptimised to be used come rain or shine, all our base layers include protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Please also remember to use sun-block!



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Polyester 61%, Nylon 32%, Spandex 7%

Sun Protective Fabric


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