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Men’s COOLMAX® All Season Hyper-Performance Base Layer – Earth Green

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Men’s COOLMAX® All Season Hyper-Performance Base Layer – Earth Green

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The Men’s Moose Voyage COOLMAX® EcoMade Hyper-Performance Base Layer is constructed using only the highest quality fabric, specially selected, and outdoor wear. Our fiber-knitting techniques ensure that your base layer protects against moisture and provides temperature control at a consistent level of excellence.

The Moose Voyage base layers allow for warmth and fast dryness, not only practical but stylish design, as well as evaporation cooling in hot weather or during vigorous exercise. As the fabric is soft enough to provide ultimate comfort and abrasion resistance for full longevity, you will not have to worry about chafing or discomfort.

Our innovative manufacturing processes are chosen to allow the Men’s Moose Voyage Adventurer Hyper-Performance Base Layer to fit as your “second skin”, which means the delicate, silk touch and lightweight fit act to minimize discomfort.  You can spend more time focusing on your spontaneous adventures, whether you're hiking, running, cycling, or meeting up with friends, and less time worrying about your gear.



We are crafting a unique piece on the market using high technology. Our materials include polyester which is used on one side and nylon on the other side to create the Men’s Moose Voyage Adventurer Hyper-Performance Base Layer. The merge of both durable & weather-resistant nylon and the ultimate heat-resistant polyester provide you with maximum, skin to skin comfort, in any and all conditions you head out into.



  • Knitting Technology: Our innovative nylon and polyester knitting techniques mean you will always have full range of movement, multi-directional stretch, and maximum comfort, with guaranteed zero irritation from seams.
  • Diamond Pattern: This is how we stop the Men’s Moose Voyage Adventurer Hyper-Performance Base Layer from clinging to your skin, especially during wet weather or intense activities, as this production pattern creates vacuum space to keep you warm and dry.
  • COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology: Your base layer needs to keep you cool as well as warm, and our use of “C” shaped yarn traps air to decrease heat exchange, while complex channels of ultra-wicking fibres distribute moisture over a large surface area, to ensure evaporative cooling.
  • Air-vent Design: Increasing the efficiency of wicking capability and breathability, to make sure our quick-dry technology will never fail you.
  • UV-protection: Optimized to be used come rain or shine, all our base layers include protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Please also remember to use sun-block!



Best Use



Polyester 61%, Nylon 32%, Spandex 7%

Sun Protective Fabric


Moisture Wicking


Quick Drying






Sleeve Length

Long Sleeve

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