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Some say that spouses should never work together, it’s a recipe for disaster, right?

Well in that case we are proud to prove them wrong. With our common passion, aspirations and interests, we have created a solid business, that has achieved more than we could have dreamed, with our connection as its foundation. 

Adventure was what brought us together, and we have both indulged in our love for the outdoors since college. Looking out over the endless mountains and valleys in Canada's National Park, we decided to turn our love for nature, and passion for the outdoors into our business; but it’s not only that, it’s our mission.

We’ve always been conscious that hiking brands charge so much, for clothing that seems to do very little.  So, on our first hikes together, our money went on a tent and footwear, rather than base layers and bottles. Then little by little, we began to invest in outdoor apparel, to try what was then, the brand-new concept of layering.

Everything from base layers, membrane jackets, fleece jackets, and hiking pants became staples of our wardrobe. The more experience we gained in our outdoor activities, taking on tougher journeys and conditions each time, the more we found out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to outdoor gear. This is how we saw the gap in the market…so we set out to develop our own line of high-performance gear, to bring balance back to the price you pay, and the benefit you receive.

 We created Moose Voyage on a strong basis of joint-passion, understanding of the needs of outdoors-people, and a true, instinctive, adventurous spirit. Be it hiking, camping, trail running or skiing, you can consider Moose Voyage an all-rounder in providing outdoor essentials, that are a perfect match for any outdoor recreation. We bring innovative solutions in fibre and tech to allow you to get the most out of nature, without worrying about if your clothes will pass the test.


Put simply, our goal is to ensure you have a good time outdoors. At Moose Voyage, customer satisfaction is our one and only goal. We will always go the extra mile to ensure you get more than you expect.


Confidence in Every Move You Made

Right from the drawing board, our products are designed and manufactured with purpose in mind. Enlisting the help of the latest technology, and an ever-present touch of style, our garments are unbeatable in the industry, giving you confidence with every step you take. 




Hyper Performance Driven

Adventure is a mindset, and some of us relish that competitive spirit that the outdoor lifestyle works so well with. If you’re looking to up your game when it comes to outdoor sporting activities, we’ve got both the confidence and inspiration to match your new Moose Voyage clothing.  

We work tirelessly to develop products that will enhance your outdoor performance, and take the whole experience to the next level.

Absolute Comfort

When you’re out and about, comfort is one of the most important things, if you’re not feeling good, it can ruin your trip. With Moose Voyage, the comfort and fit of our clothing is always premium, because after all, our main goal is to keep you smiling.

The raw materials we select and utilize are strictly evaluated on these standards. Hence, we work towards picking the best materials on the market when it comes to production. This provides you with ultimate comfort and enables freedom of movement, and confidence in yourself, and your clothing.


Durability of your outdoor gear is paramount to success. As an essential against the unpredictability of nature, Moose Voyage is acutely aware of the importance that our clothing withstand all wear and tear caused by climbing, skiing, hiking, etc.

The products manufactured at Moose Voyage are specially designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, and keep you warm and dry for as long as you need them to, trip after trip.


In today’s world there is perhaps nothing more important than flexibility. With a range of activities available to you, your outdoor clothing must be able to do its job on any type of excursion. This need for versatility means we are always experimenting with innovative additions to make to our collection, as well as improving our existing product lines. That way, whatever you’re going to get up to, Moose Voyage clothing is always your go to wardrobe staple.

Unparalleled Style

It seems like every outdoor brand tries to make its clothing as unappealing as possible. Drab colors, and frumpy fits lead to some very average outerwear. With Moose Voyage, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort, you can have the best of both worlds with our outerwear to stand out from the crowd, that never compromises on performance.