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How to survive a heat wave

Hello everybody!

I bet I'm not the only one at home searching "how to turn my fan into an AC". So today we bring you some tips on how to survive this hot weather.

  • Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water even if you’re not thirsty. This is one of the most important things that you should be aware off. Hot weather causes you to sweat, and it’s very important to replenish the lost fluids. Avoid to drink alcohol, sugary soda, coffee or energy drinks as they may dehydrate you.
  • Try to stay home during the hottest part of the day (12 A.M to 6 P.M.) and don't stand directly under the sun. Find a good spot to take a break in the shade
  • We love outdoor sports but these days are not the best option to workout. When you’re outside, make sure you stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Avoid strenuous activity and postpone outdoor games and events. Don't forget your sunscreen!
  • If A/C is not available, stay indoors on the lowest floor in a well-ventilated area with fans. Keep shades and blinds closed. If you don’t have air conditioners, place a tray or dish of ice in front of a fan and it’ll help to cool your room quickly.
  • Eat small meals and eat more often. Carbs are not a the best idea, try with fruits and vegetables instead as they are high in water content!
  • If you feel overheated, cool off with wet washcloths on your wrists and neck or take a cool sponge bath or shower. Carry a cold water bottle spray or cooling facial mist with you, and spritz cold water on your pressure points to bring your body temperature down.

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