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How to safely going on a hike with your dog

Today is national dog day and we bring you some tips on how to safely take your furry friend with you on every adventure!
First things first you'll want to determine whether or not your dog is capable of making the trip. Dogs are usually playful and energetic but not all of them can make it into a 30km trip. The age or the breed of the dog are very important things to take in consideration.
The ideal will be that you take them with you in smaller trips first to see how they develop.
Next thing will be locate a dog-friendly outdoor space. Not all the hikes are pet friendly and most of the time the reason is a safety matter, for you and your doggo, so make sure that you are going on a pet friendly hike.
Once you are on the trail, make sure you keep your dog under control at all times. If the trail requires leashes, even if you think you are completely alone, make sure your dog is still on leash, you could jump into another hiker or even into a bear, so make sure you are making the adventure safe for everyone!
Leave no trace! Bring bags to collect and carry out your dog's poop, as this could be very disruptive to native fauna. if you are backpacking overnight, bury it (without a bag) at least 8" deep on the ground.
Even if you are using biodegradable bags it is still not okay to leave them out there, always carry them with you.
Plants and wildlife are not the only things to take care off. Always make sure your dog gets all he needs. Water is the most important thing to have in mind, and it's preferable if you can bring your own.  Also make sure that the temperatures and the terrain are safe for your little friend :) 
And you should be good to go!