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Choosing Hiking Pants Materials

Hiking Pants Materials: Choosing the Correct Materials
Finally, comfort and practicality cannot be overlooked. Hiking pants are best fitted and comfortable, neither too tight nor too baggy. Because you can be in different body positions, please test the fit of your pants while standing, sitting and squatting. If you're uncomfortable with any of these positions, it's best to choose a different size or style. For practical reasons, hiking pants should have as many pockets as possible, at least two of which have zips or snaps to close them.
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Many situations call for different hiking pants. But for the most versatile utility pants, I'd go for a pair of (roughly) 97% nylon/3% elastane softshell hiking pants, no buttons, as light as possible, with at least one fixed pocket where I can put my phone and store key. They're breathable enough to use in most conditions while still offering some wind and rain protection.

Hiking Pants Materials: What to Avoid
Pants should be made of a durable, quick-drying fabric such as spandex or nylon (like your upper body, be sure to avoid cotton) and should be worn if you expect cooler temperatures or dense vegetation along the way. Wearing pants will protect your legs from hazards like poison ivy or other allergenic plants and keep you warm as the temperature drops as the altitude rises.

Whether used in warm or cold weather, the best hiking pants are designed to keep your pens and pant legs from getting soggy as you move up and down and climb mountains. The metric that defines and measures their ability to do so is called "breathability."

Hiking Pants Materials: Types of Materials
Hiking pants are almost always made of synthetic materials, most commonly nylon, polyester, and spandex (elastane). Most models use two or a combination of all three of these materials for the perfect balance of performance and comfort in different activities.

Most hiking pants are made from nylon, polyester, and spandex, or a combination of these materials. Nylon is a strong fabric that's great for outdoor activities, but if you need some stretch, make sure your pants also contain some spandex (also known as elastane).