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In the build-up to any major activity, sports scientists recommend giving your body the right nutrients beforehand so your body can reach its full potential. Although most people do not have direct access to a sports scientist for a curated diet, the next best thing you can do for yourself is follow the same general principles that elite athletes use in their fueling process. By keeping the strategy simple, it’s easy to stick to and easy to adapt as challenges come.

 Fuel adequately

It can be very easy to get caught up counting calories and nutrients, and then become discouraged when you get off track. Instead, focus on a basic number of total calories per hour. Generally, a target consumption of 100-200 calories per hour of exercise is great. Here is an estimate of consumables to reach that goal:

0.5-1.0 L of sports drink

0.5 - 1 energy bar

1-2 energy gel packets


Remember that refueling is key

The most important time to for fueling is immediately (30-60 minutes) after exercise. Your body will need that food to recover from the exercise it was put through, and to build up the extra strength it is working towards. Your post- exercise fuel should include the following three components:

Carbohydrates - 200-400 calories - sports drink, energy bar, etc Protein - 15 grams - PB&J sandwich, yogurt cup, chocolate milk etc Fluids - 1-1.5 L - water with electrolytes or sports drink


Think smaller, more frequent intakes

This last tip may sound counter intuitive, but from our research, this strategy will provide the most bang for your buck. Not only for the results you will see after the fact, but also along the way, this outlook will make your activities easier for you to overcome.

Pro Tip:

Moose Voyage’s Hiking pants fit a cell phone, a few bites of food, and a small pack of fluid and are incredibly comfortable and convenient for hikers. Check one out before your next outdoor activity session!

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Hiking - Let your mind wander freely out on the trails.

hiking trekking

Hiking  - Let your mind wander freely out on the trails.


Taking on the trails – in summer or winter – is so powerful for our health and well being. The idea of making hiking an activity is perfect for to increase overall health and wellness.  A unique experience from typical exercise – there is just something about being around the trees, that simply seems to oxygenate our hearts, sharpens our minds and calms our souls.


Don’t just take our word for it- here is what science says about the benefits of hiking

1 –  Sharpens your mind – why do you think that hiking can sharpen your mind?  All exercise is good for us. While taking on the treadmill or the stationary bike gets your heart rate up, works your lungs and keeps you feeling younger and stronger.

When it comes to hiking, you have the trail that require navigating and not all is predictable.  From the dirt, branches, rocks and other obstacles that force you to pay attention to the details which is so very good for the brain to keep it sharp and alert. 

2 –  Keeps you calm and happy – exercise in general is an amazing stress buster. Why is hiking different? Walking in green spaces helps us recover from attention overload, as we are taken away from the busy streets or walking paths, our non stop cell phones and other constant distractions. Coupled with the state of wonder that most of us feel in nature and the sense of being a part of something so much bigger than ourselves, this improves our mood and since hiking can be done anywhere with little equipment, it’s easy to get that dose of happiness.

3 – Increases your creativity – walks in nature helps your mind wander freely. We often hear about creatives who have found inspiration in natural spaces and there is a reason for that.  As the natural settings calm us, it allows our minds to wander in ways that aren’t as busy and easier to flow naturally and feel the emotions from the thoughts. The vastness and unpredictable natural scenery allows the creative flow to come to us without all the other thoughts of the day taking over our mindset.

Hiking is a great way to move your body and improve your mood, so grab a water bottle, get into your favorite Moose Voyage hiking gear and head out on the trail – you won’t be sorry that you did.