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Tips to Sleep under the stars

Hey folks!

Tonight is the annual Sleeping under the stars night and we encourage you to get ready with us! Even if you have never done this before, tonight could be a good excuse to start. 

What is the sleeping under the stars night?

Founded in 2020 by Eddie Bauer, Global Sleep Under The Stars is a unique way to encourage the world to experience the beauty of the outdoors under the same night sky. And the good thing is that if you like it (I'm sure you will) the outdoors have always a spot for your tent or sleeping bag 365 days a year!

Is it good to sleep outside for me?

Is not just good, it's encouraged! A study in Environment and Behavior showed that spending time outside reduces stress and can lead to a more positive outlook on life. A night outside, with the stars and the dawn and the soothing rush of the wind, is certainly enough to lower your stress and bring you back to a happier perception of the world.

How do I get prepared for tonight? 

The truth is you don't really need a bunch of things. Chose your favorite place: car, tent, sleeping bag... and get ready to explore the woods, the beach or your backyard! you can literally choose anywhere you wish to pitch your tent. But if you don't feel very confident we suggest choosing a place that you already know, it will help you feel safe!

Grab some food and drinks with you, a full belly and keeping yourself hydrated will help you to stay warm tonight! And of course don't forget some blankets. Even in the warmest summer, nights can turn very cold. Oh and the pillow!

PRO TIP: wear a good base layer, even if sleeping naked is healthy a base layer moves moisture away from you and keeps your body oils from negatively affecting you sleeping bag or mattress. Our Moose Voyage Adventurer Hyper-Performance Base Layer will keep you warm no matter where you go ;)

If you have never done this before we recommend taking some earplugs with you, the noises of nature sometimes can disturb your sleep when you are used to hear traffic or the refrigerator downstairs.


Enjoy your night under the stars, we definitely will!



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