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How to waterproof 🌊 your tent.

How to waterproof 🌊 your tent.

A leaky tent can easily ruin an otherwise perfect camping trip. Not only ruining your comfort, it can be unsafe in colder temperatures.

Read on for tips and tricks that any camper can do to reseal your seams and fix any leaks. 

Seams do wear out over time, causing water leaks. When you notice any peeling seam tape, remove the peeling layers, and clean the area with rubbing alcohol. Make sure that you leave the seams intact! Apply a new seam sealer to the clean seams and allow to dry completely.

Don’t forget to reseal the seams on the rainfly too, as that is the most important spots for keeping water out.

Did you Know - 

What is DWR (durable water repellency)? DWR finishes are what help water bead off your jacket or tent.

If you notice that water isn’t beading off your tent - like it is supposed to be - then its definitely time to reapply DWR. 

Don’t worry, thanks so an easy-to-use spray bottle, this is a very simple task.  Clean the surface to be sprayed and apply a layer of DWR over the entire surface, and let it dry completely before storing or packing away.

Buying a good quality tent will make a huge difference on the amount of repair work needed as time goes on.

Consider your lifestyle and usage as well.  Are you a random summer camper, who prefers to avoid camping in the rain?  If so, a cheaper model would be suitable for what you need.

However if you trek out in the spring and fall, and aren’t deterred by the soothing summer rain, it is worth investing in a quality tent, with exceptional waterproofing. 

At the start and end of of each tenting season, inspect your tent, and make any repairs at that time, insead of when the first drop of water hits your head while you are snuggling in for a good night’s sleep

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