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on your next hiking excursion

In the build-up to any major activity, sports scientists recommend giving your body the right nutrients beforehand so your body can reach its full potential. Although most people do not have direct access to a sports scientist for a curated diet, the next best thing you can do for yourself is follow the same general principles that elite athletes use in their fueling process. By keeping the strategy simple, it’s easy to stick to and easy to adapt as challenges come.

 Fuel adequately

It can be very easy to get caught up counting calories and nutrients, and then become discouraged when you get off track. Instead, focus on a basic number of total calories per hour. Generally, a target consumption of 100-200 calories per hour of exercise is great. Here is an estimate of consumables to reach that goal:

0.5-1.0 L of sports drink

0.5 - 1 energy bar

1-2 energy gel packets


Remember that refueling is key

The most important time to for fueling is immediately (30-60 minutes) after exercise. Your body will need that food to recover from the exercise it was put through, and to build up the extra strength it is working towards. Your post- exercise fuel should include the following three components:

Carbohydrates - 200-400 calories - sports drink, energy bar, etc Protein - 15 grams - PB&J sandwich, yogurt cup, chocolate milk etc Fluids - 1-1.5 L - water with electrolytes or sports drink


Think smaller, more frequent intakes

This last tip may sound counter intuitive, but from our research, this strategy will provide the most bang for your buck. Not only for the results you will see after the fact, but also along the way, this outlook will make your activities easier for you to overcome.

Pro Tip:

Moose Voyage’s Hiking pants fit a cell phone, a few bites of food, and a small pack of fluid and are incredibly comfortable and convenient for hikers. Check one out before your next outdoor activity session!

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5 reasons to LOVE snowshoeing

5 reasons to LOVE snowshoeing

5 reasons to LOVE snowshoeing

 As we get into the thick of the winter months, don’t let the snow keep you from enjoying the beautiful scenery and terrain outdoors.  If you are new to the sport, want to venture off the slopes, snowboarding is an activity for all ages.

1 – Super Cost Effective

There is zero cost to head out to a trail, and you can be adventurous and find trails practically anywhere.  Other than the cost of the snowshoes, there are no lift tickets or pricey lessons.

2 – No maximum group size

It’s super fun and enjoyable for pretty much everyone, unlike how some organized group sports that may be difficult to plan, organize and keep up the game spirit.  It can be as competitive – race for time – or as casual as your group wants.

3 – No time limit

You can go for as long or as little as you like. And since there are no associated costs, you won’t feel obligated to spend the whole day if that isn’t possible.

4 – Amazing workout!

If you love to feel like you have really pushed for your workout – this is it! You probably won’t break a sweat tobogganing or downhill skiing, but this will keep you on your toes and push your tolerance.

5 – Location location location

You get the back country experience, supe conveniently. No multiple hour long drive to a resort, there is a trail waiting for you that is most likely closer than you can imagine. Think in it – being surrounded by snow, trees and silence – an unlimited view of the scenery.


Rekindle your love with the outdoors. We are fairly confident you will get hooked on it after your venture on a trail.


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