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Hiking - Let your mind wander freely out on the trails.

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Hiking  - Let your mind wander freely out on the trails.


Taking on the trails – in summer or winter – is so powerful for our health and well being. The idea of making hiking an activity is perfect for to increase overall health and wellness.  A unique experience from typical exercise – there is just something about being around the trees, that simply seems to oxygenate our hearts, sharpens our minds and calms our souls.


Don’t just take our word for it- here is what science says about the benefits of hiking

1 –  Sharpens your mind – why do you think that hiking can sharpen your mind?  All exercise is good for us. While taking on the treadmill or the stationary bike gets your heart rate up, works your lungs and keeps you feeling younger and stronger.

When it comes to hiking, you have the trail that require navigating and not all is predictable.  From the dirt, branches, rocks and other obstacles that force you to pay attention to the details which is so very good for the brain to keep it sharp and alert. 

2 –  Keeps you calm and happy – exercise in general is an amazing stress buster. Why is hiking different? Walking in green spaces helps us recover from attention overload, as we are taken away from the busy streets or walking paths, our non stop cell phones and other constant distractions. Coupled with the state of wonder that most of us feel in nature and the sense of being a part of something so much bigger than ourselves, this improves our mood and since hiking can be done anywhere with little equipment, it’s easy to get that dose of happiness.

3 – Increases your creativity – walks in nature helps your mind wander freely. We often hear about creatives who have found inspiration in natural spaces and there is a reason for that.  As the natural settings calm us, it allows our minds to wander in ways that aren’t as busy and easier to flow naturally and feel the emotions from the thoughts. The vastness and unpredictable natural scenery allows the creative flow to come to us without all the other thoughts of the day taking over our mindset.

Hiking is a great way to move your body and improve your mood, so grab a water bottle, get into your favorite Moose Voyage hiking gear and head out on the trail – you won’t be sorry that you did.

Skiing VS Snowboarding – What are the main differences?

Skiing VS Snowboarding – What are the main differences?

Skiing VS Snowboarding – What are the main differences?


Generally, skiing can be easier to pick up as your feet are separated and they will face forwards down the slope, which will feel more natural. By contrast, on a snowboard both feet are clipped into the board and you will face side on to the slope, which will feel unnatural to a lot of people.


Let’s take a look at some of the key differences.


Body Position


Skiing can be much easier to get used to as both legs move independently, and you travel with your body facing the same way as your feet. Facing forwards also gives you a much better view of the slope ahead of you than a snowboarder.



Having both feet attached to a single board can be unsettling at first and takes some time getting used, to especially when you factor in your feet are not facing the direction you are moving.  Don’t forget - you won’t be facing the slope, which can make it difficult to stay aware of your surroundings. 



Although lifts can be daunting for a beginner, skis don’t need to be unclipped on a lift and facing forward will make the experience a lot more comfortable than on a snowboard.



Ski lifts can be a challenge for boarders as they need to ride with one foot unclipped. They also don’t have ski poles to help them move on and off the lift and must learn to ride off with one foot removed from the board.



Aside from boots, the same clothing can generally be worn for skiing and snowboarding.

Layer.  Layer.  Layer.  You’ll need a baselayer, and jacket which protect you from the elements, a pair of snow pantsgloves and some warm ski socks. If you are heading to the slopes for the first time or have years of experience on the slopes you can get the best clothing from Moose Voyage that will keep you warm and dry.

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